Our association incurred an extensive property loss. We hired a public adjustor at 10%. While we had no short fall in regard to the insurance settlement, we created a special assessment to pay for the 10%. Unfortunately it appears we incurred additional cost, when with out the adjustor we most likely would have incurred a greater cost. How can we communicate this complicated issue to residents?

Regardless of what you do, you will be criticized.  If your claim is not handled properly because you did not hire a professional to maximize the coverage you were entitled to, you will be blamed. If you do the right thing by hiring a professional, and that costs money, someone will blame you for spending that money.  I sympathize with you because I am an attorney and I see the same thing happening when my clients call upon me for assistance.  Someone always thinks that they could have done a better job without hiring a lawyer or other professional.  But those naysayers should not be listened to when there is a serious and complicated matter at issue, especially when, if the matter gets handled poorly, it can do great harm to the Association membership.  In those times, like it or not, your Association is better off being represented by a professional; who has malpractice insurance and reduces the likelihood of a serious error being made.  I hope this helps.
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It was simplified in the question, so I’d merely communicate something very similar to residents. In case they might not understand the role of the adjustor, that can be explained too.

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