Association Board Due Dilligence

For Association Boards — What is Due Diligence?

Boards of community associations are tasked with the onerous responsibility of running their communities, and ensuring all facets of doing so are given their necessary attention. But how can boards make sure they’re attending to everything they’re supposed to, and doing it properly?   Boards are legally bound to exercise due diligence in their roles leading their associations, but what exactly is due diligence, and how can board members make sure they’re complying?

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Budgets Accountant 11-2-17

For Budgets, Your Best Guess 
is Not a Best Practice

One of the more challenging tasks an association board faces every year must be their annual budget. Requiring the number-crunching aptitude of skilled accountants, coupled with the board’s clairvoyance to predict not only repairs needed in the year ahead but also global inflation, budgeting is not to be approached without careful introspection into the facts and figures of the community. We spoke with John Grady, CPA of Bogush & Grady CPAs, LLP in Rhinebeck, New York for an accountant’s insights on this topic.

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Drones 8-31-17

Harness the Power of Drones in Your Association — and Avoid Liability and Nuisance Issue

You own a 300-unit condominium and you want to inspect your building’s façade in the most efficient way. You’ve heard drones can be a great resource, but you don’t know what to look for when hiring a drone pilot. How can an association ensure they are hiring both a licensed and insured professional, as well as a company with the expertise to interpret data? 

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