Collecting dues from a deceased owner

Sadly, homeowners associations are sometimes tasked with the responsibility of collecting dues in the aftermath of a unit owner’s death. When an owner dies, leaving his or her unit vacant until its fate is resolved through the legal process, a community’s board of directors faces the challenge of balancing empathy with accountability. But, what happens when a former owner’s successors fail to pay association dues?

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Golf 5-18-17

Communities with Golf Courses, Don’t Forget the Greens on Your Reserve Study

Have you been wondering how having a golf course in your community affects your reserve study? Should you include it in your master study? Or should courses be treated as a separate entity? For this topic we reached out to Peter Miller, RS of Miller+Dodson Associates, Inc., a nationwide consulting firm based out of Annapolis, Maryland. Miller has been working with reserve studies since the 1980s. 

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Loans 8-3-17

Community Association Loans: Tips for Getting Approved

Does your community require a major repair, such as new facade, windows or roofs? Major repairs can be extremely costly. Luckily, loans are available for community associations that require funds for a particular project or repair. We spoke to Jared Tunnell, Senior Vice President at National Cooperative Bank to learn more about community association loans and what steps condominium and homeowner associations should take before acquiring a loan. 

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