Disaster 9-21-17

Association Restoration

Excerpt from AssociationHelpNow™ Condo/HOA Primer by Raymond Dickey

Author Note: With hurricane season on the horizon, we thought this chapter from my book would be useful to our readers. 

What happens when a property damage disaster occurs in an association? What steps need to be taken at the time of the disaster and afterwards in order to restore the property to its pre-disaster condition? Who is responsible for taking the necessary actions, the residents or the association? We spoke with Tom Licciardi of Accurate Reconstruction in Somerville, New Jersey to answer these questions.

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Pools 5-11-17

Associations Don’t Stress — Power through that Pool Opening with Best Practices

Each spring when weather begins to warm up, residents eagerly anticipate breaking out their swimsuits, while at the same time condominium and homeowner association boards begin to expedite opening community pools. Ever present in the minds of those tasked with this job, are the possible unexpected delays and problems that have the potential to derail the best laid pool opening plans. 

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Best Practices 6-1-17

Best Practices for Boards Changing Management Companies

“Breaking up” may be hard to do but when an association is ready to call it quits with its property management company and enter into a new relationship, there are some best practices it should follow. We spoke to Leonard Barber, CPA, CMCA, PCAM, President of Executive Property Management in North Brunswick, New Jersey, who offered some insight on the matter.

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